Olive Oil - 5 litres tin

Olive Oil - 5 litres tin


Dimino Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily, first harvest 2021 5Lt Tin

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  • 100% ITALIAN OLIVES from Dimino's family farm located near the town of Sciacca, Sicily. Thanks to the long family tradition in making olive oil bonded with the characteristic of the land Dimino Extra Virgin olive oil is a unique high quality product with an explosion of natural flavours (cardoon, artichoke, chicory and herbaceous notes).
  • NEW HARVEST OCTOBER 2021, the olives are hand picked from the tree when the olive is still green allowing to the final product to maintain all the antioxidant and nutritional qualities unaltered with a longer shelf life. This gives our oil a high content of polyphenols, which are considered for their potential health benefits.
  • UNIQUE BLEND of Cerasuola and Nocellara, olive tree varieties. The results of these two-cultivar put together is an exquisite extra virgin olive oil that has an intense yet harmonious and fruity flavour with some spicy notes. This incredible oil will bring out your recipes’ taste even more.
  • HUNDRED YEARS OF FAMILY TRADITION in making olive oil. We select only the highest quality olives and press them on the same day from harvest. The cold extraction process we use gives life to a product that differ from others with its unique taste and high quality.
  • Our Olive Oil is natural and unfiltered hence it might happen to find on the bottom of the 5 Lt tin some sediment which is normal. If you find some sediment in the end when the tin is almost empty just pour the remaining oil in a ceramic bowl or plate and leave it to rest overnight, so the sediment will lay at the bottom. The next day using a funnel gently refill your bottle or tin and the oil will be great to use.


Please note the tin colour may differ from the one of the picture based on supplier availability.