Capers - 100g

Capers - 100g


Dimino Sicilian Capers preserved in salt, pack of 100g

Lovely Sicilian Capers to be used in a salad with tuna, boiled eggs, lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and season it to your liking. Leave the capers in fresh water for around 5 minutes, once they are salt-less use them for making a great salad or a nice sauce with fresh cherry tomatoes, green olives, anchovies and you can prepare a nice Puttanesca sauce. Find the recipe in the Recipe tab.

Dimino's Family besides to the production of Olive Oil want to deliver to your doorsteps the best ingredients from our farm or local producers to let you experience the real Sicilian Flavours! My working experience in restaurants, bakery and pastry shops has inspire me in provide you with recipes and tips for preparing a great Mediterranean dish, healthy and delicious!

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