Dimino Sicilian Tuna Sauce. Set of 4 Jars

Dimino Sicilian Tuna Sauce. Set of 4 Jars


Fantastica Dimino Sicilian Tuna Sauce, ready sauce to stir with Maccheroni or Pennette pasta. Dimino's Family besides to the production of Olive Oil want to deliver to your doorsteps the best ingredients from our farm or local producers to let you experience the real Sicilian Flavours! Mamma mia...

Set of 4 Sicilian Tuna Sauces, beautiful  Sicilian sauce which brings you there in our Magic Sicily. Simply prepare the pasta al dente and add the sauce to it! You will have a great Sicilian dish in less then 10 minutes. Pack of pasta Maccherroni or Penne is given as well.

Tuna Sauce 210g - contains cherry tomatoes, courgettes, Sicilian tuna, extra virgin olive oil,  wild fennel, olive oil, onion, basil,  parsley, garlic, chili, salt.

Maccheroni pasta 500g - contains gluten

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