Passito di Noto D.O.C 50cl

Passito di Noto D.O.C 50cl


Passito di Noto

Sicilia Noto D.O.C.

100% Moscato Bianco

Passito di Noto is produced from one of the oldest vines in the world, Moscato Bianco. The passito is a very ancient wine which is now produced with the modern system of ‘appassimento’ (grape drying). Explosive aromas of exotic fruit, jasmine, candied citrus fruit are complex but easy to admire. The ideal companion for the great Sicilian tradition of sweets and ice creams.

TASTING NOTES: The six weeks of drying guarantees a high concentration of sugars and some natural transformation of the grapes contributes to the extraordinary aromas of apricot, rose petals, papaya and quince. Sweet and fleshy in the mouth, but also lively with citrus notes. It recalls nougat and candied ginger.

MATCHING: Wine made to match with the best sweets. Perfect with cheese cakes, tarts, after having ice crea or a dessert based on cheese, honey and fruits.

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