Sicilian Pesto Pasta Recipe Box

Sicilian Pesto Pasta Recipe Box


Dimino Sicilian Pesto made with Almonds, Artichokes, Sundried Tomatoes, Anchovies, fresh Basil, Cherry Tomatoes, Dimino Olive Oil. Authentic Sicilian ingredients at your doorsteps!  Our aim is to deliver to you the best products from our farm and local producers to let you experience the real flavours of Sicily!

Discover the authentic Sicilian flavours preparing this delicious recipe.


In the box you will find the following ingredients:

​Dimino Sicilian Sundried tomatoes  210g

Dimino Olive Oil 250ml

Dimino Sicilian Anchovies 150g

Dimino Sicilian Artichokes 210g

Dimino Sicilian Almonds 50gr

Italian Fusilli or Penne Molisana 500g

Ingredient to add at home:

​250 g of Cherry Tomatoes

30 g of fresh Basil

50 g of Parmesan Cheese

Bellissimo Sicilian dish to enjoy with your loved ones with a quick preparation.

The ingredients provided are for 4-5 people. 

Put water for pasta on to boil and add salt to it when it becomes pretty well boiling. Now for the Pesto, you can use either a food processor or a mortar and pestle, add a clove of garlic, 4 anchovy fillets, 4 sundried tomatos fillets, 4 artichokes wedges, 30g of almonds, 25 g of basil, 250g of cherry tomatoes, 30g of olive oil and blitz everything.  

Back to the boiling pasta water, add salt and drop the pasta to cook according to packet instructions.

Just before the pasta is ready, remove about two spoon of cooking water, and reserve it. When the pasta is cooked as desired, drain it and add the pesto, a little reserved pasta water, if needed, to help amalgamate the sauce, a drizzle of Dimino Olive Oil. Let's plate the pasta, scatter Parmesan cheese. Enjoy it! Mamma Mia!

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