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Dimino’s farmer family have been harvesting and producing extra virgin olive oil for more than one hundred years. The farm is located in Sciacca (Sicily) a beautiful town that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea on one side and is surrounded by Mount S. Calogero on the other with its economy primary based on agriculture and fishery. Thanks to the long family tradition in making olive oil bonded with the characteristic of the land Dimino Extra Virgin olive oil is a unique high quality product with an explosion of natural flavours (cardoon, artichoke, chicory and herbaceous notes).


Dimino Extra Virgin Olive Oil production begins with the harvest in the early October. The olives are picked by hands from the tree when the olive is still green allowing to the final product to maintain all the antioxidant and nutritional qualities unaltered with a longer shelf life. This gives our oil a high content of polyphenols, which are considered to be one of the best health benefits within the olive oil. Then the selected olives are press in the same day and the cold extraction process gives life to a product that differ from others with its unique taste and high quality.



Dimino Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from a Blend of Cerasuola and Nocellara, olive tree varieties. The results of these two-cultivar put together is an exquisite extra virgin olive oil that has an intense yet harmonious and fruity flavour with some spicy notes. This incredible oil will bring out your recipes’ taste even more.


The oil that pinches in the throat is not the one with the highest acidity, quite the opposite. A slight tingling indicates low acidity and olives recently pressed as well as sign of high quality.

The olive oil’s colour can go from green to yellow, with many intermediate shades. The greener the oil is, the richer it is in chlorophyll; the more yellow the oil is, the richer it is in carotenes. In fact, with very few exceptions, colour is not an indicator of quality. Our Olive Oil is natural and unfiltered hence it might happen to find on the bottom of the 5 Lt tin some sediment which is normal. If you find some sediment just pour the oil in a ceramic bowl or plate and leave it to rest overnight, so the sediment will lay at the bottom. The next day using a funnel gently refill your bottle or tin and the oil will be great to use.

Be aware of the fake olive oil that could hide in the bottles sold for a few pounds per litre. It may not be real extra-virgin.

Store the oil away from light and strong odours in order to prevent its deterioration and keep its quality unaltered.



Besides to the olive oil production, Dimino's family produce some of the most exquisite Sicilian deli you have ever tried such as the Sicilian Norma Sauce, the Zucchini and Sicilian Pecorino, the Nocellara Olives, the Sundried tomatoes and more.

My passion for the olive oil together to the one for the good food, healthy and Mediterranean has brought me to lunch this idea of providing you with the best ingredients you can ever find in Sicily. Fresh and authentic products enabling you to discover the real flavors of Sicily. This together to my working experience in restaurants, bakeries, pastries shops have pushed me to create these lovely Recipe boxes, Hampers, Recipes to share with you because i want you to close your eyes and taste the real Sicily.

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