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Tips to keep in mind

The olive oil’s color can go from green to yellow, with many intermediate shades. The greener the oil is, the richer it is in chlorophyll; the more the oil is, the richer it is in carotene. Dimino Olive Oil is green and thick due to the fact we harvest our trees early October when the olives are still green. The result is that our an amazing olive oil is pure, dense, plenty of antioxidant and polyphenols which are absolutely important for your health, skin, immune system and the cardiovascular one

Drink a teaspoon of Dimino Olive in the morning at empty stomach to benefit of this natural properties. Our Olive Oil is natural and unfiltered hence it might happen to find on the bottom of the 5 Lt tin some sediment which is normal. If you find some sediment just pour the oil in a ceramic bowl or plate and leave it to rest overnight, so the sediment will lay at the bottom. The next day using a funnel gently refill your bottle or tin and the oil will be great to use.

Moreover be aware of the fake olive oil that could hide in the bottles sold for a few pounds per litre. It may not be real extra-virgin.

Store the oil away from light and strong odors in order to prevent its deterioration and keep its quality unaltered.

To be aware

When purchasing our amazing deli jars, particularly our jars with veg preserved in oil, it might happen to find a lick of oil.

Be reassure this is absolutely normal since our jars are hand made. In order to keep the color of the content unchanged

we use to fill them with oil till the rim of the jar. Hence if you find a small lick of oil that is absolutely fine. The content of it is still good to be consumed. 

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