We want to deliver to your doorsteps authentic Sicilian deli to make you discover the real italian flavours! Fantastico hampers for any occasion! Add a bottle of Sicilian wine from our Amazing range.

Sicilian Food & Wine  Hamper 

 Luxury  Truffle & Wine  Hamper

Dimino Luxury Pasta Sauces Hamper


Dimino Premium  Hamper

Dimino White Royal  Hamper

Dimino Luxury Sicilian Antipasti Hamper

Dimino Wine Hamper

Dimino Vegan  Hamper

Dolce Wine Hamper

Dimino Italian Food & Wine  Hamper 

Dolce Vita Hamper

Dimino Luxury  Deli & Wine  Hamper 

Dimino Wine Hamper

Dimino Royal  Hamper

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