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Black Truffle Linguine with Dimino Olive Oil

Ingredients serves: 4  


4 tablespoons of Dimino olive oil

35g of Black Truffle

200g Parmesan Cheese

Linguine 400g

salt (to taste)

pepper (to taste)


Put water for pasta on to boil, though you don’t need to get started on the sauce until it is pretty well boiling.

Pour Dimino Olive Oil into a wide frying pan or casserole and put on a medium heat. Warm it up for around 2 minutes, turn the heat off and add 15g of Black Truffle shavings and let it infuse the oil for around 5minutes.

Start salting the boiling pasta water now and adding the linguine to cook according to packet instructions and make sure it is al dente.

Just before the pasta is ready, remove about two spoons of cooking water, and reserve it. When the pasta is cooked as desired, drain it and add the linguine to the sauce in your pan, adding a little reserved pasta water, if needed, to help amalgamate the sauce, a drizzle of Dimino Olive Oil, some more fresh Black Truffle shavings, some Parmesan cheese and black pepper.  Toss everything and amalgamate all the ingredients well together, Plate now and Enjoy it!

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