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Dimino's Pasta alla Arrabbiata

Dimino's Pasta alla Arrabbiata


Dimino Penne alla Arrabbiata, Mediterranean dish to prepare at home and enjoying with your loved ones!  Great as gift idea for family, friends, colleagues. Dimino's Family besides to the production of Olive Oil want to deliver to your doorsteps the best ingredients from our farm or local producers to let you experience the real Sicilian Flavours!

The recipe is suitable for 4 people and inside the box you find the below items:

Dimino Cherry tomatoes sauce - 300g 2 jars

Dimino Olive Oil 250ml

Dimino Sicilain anchovies - 180g

Dimino Sicilian Red Hot Chili - 30g

Easy to prepare, really straightforward recipe which anyone can make at home!

Visit our shop page for more authentic Sicilian products. Ciao!

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