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Maroccoli Syrah Sicily D.O.C 75cl


Sicilia Menfi D.O.C.

100% Syrah


Syrah is a noble Mediterranean grape which gives of its best in

bright dry places like our Sicily. Because of this we have a great

belief in the future of this variety in our island. This interpretation

of Syrah is produced in a modern style, respecting all the

characteristics of the vine, from an extraordinary

vineyard – Maroccoli at about 400 metres, in an unspoilt area.

Powerful and impenetrable, this is a wine destined for long aging.

TASTING NOTES: Sweet oriental spices and a fleeting recall

of toasted cocoa accompany the wine in all its tasting processes,

now providing hints of sun-ripened black fruit, now with more

wintery notes of leather and humus. An enveloping sensation

recalls the consistency of velvet with a minty and black pepper finish.

MATCHING: Marinated and grilled lamb cutlets, accompanied by mint or even by an orthodox ‘parmigiana’ with smoked provola cheese. Our ready Norma Sauce and Zucchini to add to pasta and gnocchi contaning Ricotta and Pecorino would be a great alternative for vegeterians.

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