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Sicilian Courgettes & Pecorino Sauce pasta
In the box you will find the ingredients as listed below:

Dimino Sicilian Courgettes & Pecorino Sauce 2 jars of 300g each

Dimino Sicilian Spicy sauce 180g

Dimino Olive Oil 250ml

Italian Maccheroni or Penne Molisana 500g











Enjoy a great Sicilian Mediterranean dish at home with your family! The recipe is suitable for 4-5 persons, delicious and healthy.

Simply put 400g/500g of pasta on and cooking it al dente for about 11minutes following the instruction on the pasta's bag. In the meantime the pasta is cooking, pour the whole Dimino Courgettes & Sicilian Pecorino Sauce in a saucepan and warm it up for about 4 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons of Sicilian Spicy sauce or more depending if you like the sauce hotter. Once the pasta is cooked add it to the sauce, mix it really well, a drizzle of Dimino Olive Oil, some basil leaves and Parmesan cheese. Great dish and healthy! Bellissimo...Mamma mia!

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